The Women Of The Lens Festival Team Tell Us Why They Love Film

We continue our series where we get to know the inner workings of our team.


Social Media Assistant, Anastasia Abiom
Social Media Assistant, Anastasia Abiom

Anastasia Abiom graduated in Journalism in 2012 and is currently a freelance content and social media writer. Anastasia really has her sights set high as she begins to tell us about her love of the science fiction genre.

“…It stretches the imagination and can mix elements of other genres. In another life I would be an astronomer. I’m fascinated by the themes and theories in films like Interstellar or Ex Machina. They have powerful stories and use special effects in a sophisticated way…”


They Charge For The Sun
They Charge For The Sun
The Charge For The Sun is a science fiction short film featured in our programme.





“Working with Women Of The Lens has reaffirmed my love for film and I got to see films that I wouldn’t normally watch.”



So how did she find out about the Festival?

“I heard about Women of the Lens via the Independent Cinema Office website. I chose the job because I had the right skills.”

Anastasia usually works the music festival circuit. She continues;

“I had never been to a film festival before and thought it would be a great experience. The experience also helped to refresh my social media skills.”

We thank Anastasia for her contribution and wish her well as she continues her career as a Community Moderator for the Mail Online.

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