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Women of the Lens Blog

WOTL Team 2017

Women Of The Lens Festival Team Tell Us Why They Love Film

By Jennifer Robinson | November 23, 2017

Building a cohesive team is essential for the Festival in order to deliver an event which is productive for all participants. That’s why we’re so enamoured by the team we’ve recruited in our inaugural year. They’re committed and more importantly…Love Film! In the first of our testimonials in getting to know our team, we hear […]

Hopscotch Film Poster

‘Hopscotch’ Film Director Recounts Her Own Experience of Harassment

By Jennifer Robinson | November 9, 2017

Based on true accounts, Hopscotch is a film about the first-hand experience of violence and street harassment experienced by minority ethnic and Muslim women. The film’s director Roxana Vilk has already been awarded for her filmmaking efforts with a Royal Television Award. Hopscotch is a film which embodied some of the ethos of the Festival […]

Film Festival Research Made Easy By Director Daphne Schmon

By Jennifer Robinson | October 24, 2017

Film festivals and entry to such platforms can be a minefield for filmmakers – especially first timers. The industry has shifted to the extent that festivals have not diminished, they’ve become more inventive and ingenious in their efforts to remain relevant and to offer filmgoers, filmmakers and peripheral industries a veritable feast of alternative-ness to […]

So, Why Did You Make The Film? Directors Provide Insight Into Their Work

By Jennifer Robinson | October 19, 2017

The reasons behind telling a story can provide backdrop for making sense of what we see on screen. Our Festival is packed with challenging productions which straddle many of the notions of humanity in our societies. Here we spoke with two directors to get to the core nuggets of their filmmaking. Let us know what […]

Director Suza Singh and actor Anthony Anderson

Director Suza Singh Takes On The Action Genre For Women Of Colour

By Jennifer Robinson | October 16, 2017

Action films seem to be the preserve of men. It’s hard to summon the name of an action-driven film where the lead is a woman.  But there are some seeking to change that dynamic and director Suza Singh is one such woman. Born in the UK’s Manchester (now living in Calgary) of mixed heritage, Singh […]

Director Naomi Grant Snogs, Marries And Avoids

By Jennifer Robinson | October 9, 2017

We decided to play a game and have a little fun with our directors based on that infamous BBC3 television programme called ‘Snog Marry Avoid’. Do you remember it? It’s a show where the viewer is presented with a poor suspect (er…victim?!) who is in need of a make-over. The general public would decide, using […]