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Women of the Lens Blog

Aysha Scott Film Director

Aysha Scott’s New Feature Starts Crowdfunder For Blistering Absent Father Film

By Jennifer Robinson | February 27, 2018

Given the array of talent we’ve seen of late in Hollywood from British shores, there could be a perception that there isn’t any talent left in the UK. Well, our Festival bears testimony to the fact that far from a dearth of UK filmmaking, there is an untapped seam of creatives in the film industry […]

Deborah Findlater

Diverse Recruitment: Can Film Education Improve? Student Deborah Findlater Provides Insights

By Jennifer Robinson | February 15, 2018

Film studies education is a fundamental piece in the map of developing talent in the film industry. It’s a way of shaping how we as audiences experience film and a means of influencing industry representation. The study of film though mirrors the current industry and is lacking in the diversity our Festival champions. Educational institutions […]

London Feminist Film Festival 2018

Women Of The Lens Collaborates With The London Feminist Film Festival 2018

By Jennifer Robinson | February 8, 2018

We believe in collective collaboration rather than stoic solitude – especially if the work to be done operates in the same field. As long as ground-rules are set in place and all parties concerned are working with the same remit, so much more can be achieved. It’s with this ethos that we’re pleased to announce […]

Simone King

Simone King’s Undiagnosed Webseries Highlights Mental Health And Receives Multiple Award Nominations

By Jennifer Robinson | January 4, 2018

“I’m feeling humbled and inspired by my multiple nominations. It was an initial surprise to find out about the nominations as I had not submitted my work for consideration. It just goes to show that the energy of intention and action is the very powerful. I’m not invisible after all.” Director Simone King is elated […]

What Is Broadcast Today? Line Up 25 Nov 2017

How Do Black Women Position Themselves In A Changing Broadcast Environment? What Is Broadcast Today? Panel Discussion Begins To Find Ways

By Jennifer Robinson | December 7, 2017

If one works in the industry, it’s often difficult to imagine a time without the Internet. As technology progresses and advertising revenues fluctuate between traditional and alternative platforms of broadcast, the blurring of what we’d understood to be broadcast has changed. Some of the latest developments include the BBC moving its Channel 3 to digital online only. In this […]

Social Media Assistant, Anastasia Abiom

The Women Of The Lens Festival Team Tell Us Why They Love Film

By Jennifer Robinson | December 4, 2017

We continue our series where we get to know the inner workings of our team.   Anastasia Abiom graduated in Journalism in 2012 and is currently a freelance content and social media writer. Anastasia really has her sights set high as she begins to tell us about her love of the science fiction genre. “…It […]