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Women of the Lens Blog

Women Of The Lens Festival 2018 Flyer

Women Of The Lens Film Festival Returns With A Packed 2018 Programme

By Jennifer Robinson | November 2, 2018

I knew it was going to be tough, but like preparing for childbirth paradoxically no amount of preparing prepares for what’s to come. I knew that starting out was going to be bumpy but the ways in which the she-dog would bite threw me…for a bit. One kinda imagines where the tough will be based […]

Could A Film Subsidiary Spark New Life Into The UK’s MOBOs?

By Jennifer Robinson | November 1, 2018

So, the UK’s MOBOs (Music Of Black Origin) awards and ceremony platform will take this year off. MOBO will suspend its annual event to have a rethink about its way forward. That’s a good, brave move. At that level of visibility, the pressures of maintaining a presence in one’s own sector is magnified to the […]

Been So Long

Tinge Krishnan’s Been So Long Review

By Jennifer Robinson | October 30, 2018

Oh, oh so you were expecting a serious thriller…perhaps a drama? Or did you think it would be just another comedy? Okay, a docu-drama where some real-life story is played out by actors? Nope. Been So Long (2018) directed by Tinge Krishnan is a musical and judging from a lot of online commentary, it’s not something […]


Journalist Marverine Cole Hears Black Girls’ Cries In New BBC4 Mental Health Broadcast

By Jennifer Robinson | July 17, 2018

“…We are standing up to be heard, to tell our truths unapologetically and to call out injustices against us. For too long this has been kept under wraps. That can only be a good thing…” Journalist and Broadcaster Marverine Cole has been on a journey since completing her production about the issues surrounding black women […]

Key Grip Grace Donaldson Provides A Steady Set Of hands For Pin Cushion

By Jennifer Robinson | July 13, 2018

An area we think is important to highlight at Women Of The Lens is the numerous careers that can be found behind the camera. One such role we were given insight into is that of Key Grip. In-between her busy schedule, we were pleased to interview Grace Donaldson who is the Key Grip for newly released […]

Women Of The Lens Says “Thank You!” To Our Followers

By Jennifer Robinson | July 10, 2018

We’re sending out a great big “Thank You!” to you our followers. So, these are some of the things we’ve found out about you since we’ve become friends; Seventy-seven percent of you are women on Facebook; on Twitter women make up 66% and finally on Instagram 74% of you are women! Ladies, your support has […]