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Time :   1hour 3mins 55sec

Director:  Florence Ayisi

Programme Day/Date : Saturday 25th November 17.15

Language/ Subtitles:  Swahili

Country : United Republic of Tanzania

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Synopsis : 

Zanzibar Soccer Dreams (ZSD) presents the dawn of a new era for women’s soccer in Zanzibar, a predominantly Muslim Island in the Indian Ocean. ZSD is a follow-up to Zanzibar Soccer Queens (2007), which focused on Women Fighters, a team of strong-willed Muslim women determined to play soccer to better their lives. Playing soccer has taken the women beyond the borders of Zanzibar and the boundaries of their prescriptive roles - they traveled to Germany! 

ZSD reveals personal and societal transformations borne out of women’s persistence to pursue their soccer passions despite obstacles and challenges. Their resistance is changing social attitudes towards women’s soccer. Nassra Mohamed’s vision and commitment to establish soccer for girls in schools has gained the momentum that could develop and sustain women’s soccer. The government has listened. Today in Zanzibar, Muslim schoolgirls can equally participate in soccer as part of physical education. As one schoolgirl declares, “something great has happened to girls” who now have the right to play!