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Time :   8min 55sec

Director:  Lucy Rose Wilson

Programme Day/Date : Saturday 15th December From 6.45pm

Language/ Subtitles:  English

Country : United Kingdom

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In 1841, Clara lives with her husband in Blackwood House. Mina, a maid who works in the household and Clara become involved in an on-going affair which is found out by her husband. She gives Mina an ultimatum which forces her to face harsh realities and make difficult choices. Mina is torn between logic and emotion.

Despite using the backdrop of 1841, the film explores gender, sexuality and racial politics in a way that foregrounds the subconscious mentalities that are present in the current political climate. It shows power dynamics between different groups of people in ways that aren't overtly obvious.

Lucy is a director who primarily focuses her work around LGBT and women's issues. Growing up in the North of England, Lucy has a passion for northern talent and stories, and hopes to bring Northern Filmmakers and Stories to the forefront of British media.

"...It was very intentional choice to have a lack of catharsis in the ending. Real life doesn’t offer happy endings, and neatly tied up loose ends. We wanted this story to have some sort of grounding in real life..."