Speak Up

Speak Up

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Time :   2hrs 2mins

Director:  Amandine Gay

Programme Day/Date : Sunday 16th December from 11am

Language/ Subtitles:  French/English

Country : France

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Facebook: @OuvrirLaVoix    Twitter: @OuvrirLaVoix

Synopsis : 

Speak Up is a film about francophone European black women from the diaspora. The film focuses on the experience of discrimination related to those two indistinct dimensions of identity : "woman" and "black". It deals with the intersections of discrimination, art, blackness in all its expressions, and why black women choose to reclaim the narrative about themselves.

Amandine GAY is a Montreal-based Afrofeminist filmmaker, activist, and journalist. Following her graduation from the Institute of Political Science in Lyon with a masters in communication, Amandine GAY joined the Conservatory of Dramatic Art in Paris 16 and began performing in theatre, film and television. Since 2012, Amandine has been working as a screenwriter, making her directorial debut with her documentary, Speak Up/Make Your Way, a feature-length Afrofeminist documentary on European Black francophone women.

"...This film is born out of my desire to occupy France’s public space and to reveal how the
erasure of racial issues in France is as problematic as political. For instance, let’s just
think about the absurdity of the burkini ban, the ever-growing portion of people of color
leaving the country or the fact that the very word “race” was erased from the Constitution
in 2013. These taboos and aggressions find their roots in our history and result in
individual and collective trauma in our present society..."