Time :   13mins 46sec

Director:  Jiage Tong

Programme Day/Date : Sunday 16th December From 7.20pm

Language/ Subtitles:  Chinese

Country : China

Social Media : 

Facebook: @filmseventy

Synopsis : 

Short film Seventy happened In 1997, government planned to promulgate a new regulation about cremation prior to burial. An old single man wants to hold a funeral for himself in advance.

Jiage Tong is a female director and scriptwriter from China. She finished a literature degree in Shanghai Theater Academy, and her working covers film, TV Shows and theater. In 2017, Jiage Tong put a lot of effort for her thesis film SEVENTY,she was back and forth three times between USA and China, scouted fifteen villages. In December she and her team spent half a month living in a remote village, and finished the shooting in -8ºF condition.

"...Funeral has significant meaning to those older generations in China and inhumation means getting home and the chances to come again. Moreover, the name on the tombstone and a great funeral leave some evidence of their existence to their obscure life..."


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