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Time :   7min 25s

Director:  Demetrius Barry

Programme Day/Date : Saturday 30th November 2019 from 3.00pm

Language/ Subtitles:  English

Country : USA

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Synopsis : 

After a major family emergency results in a mental breakdown, Renee lets living her own life go in order to take care of her ailing and abusive parents. This dark comedy short explores how an emotionally isolated elder millennial with no concept of “Self Care” fares against dating, competing with her brother for her parents love, and rediscovering the identity she lost the second her dad got sick.

The director Demetrius Barry tells us; “...Life can put a whooping on you for damn sure”. It’s nice to imagine that if you do right and you’re a good person, naturally success and happiness are on the horizon. Thats not always the case. We wanted to illustrate with as light a heart as possible, how easily a dream can be sidetracked, a spirit can be crushed, and a heart can be buried, even when you’re trying to do good. Renee is dedicated to the good guys in last place. Protect your energy and fight to let it shine.

Demetrius Barry is an independent Film Director and camera operator with 7 years of film experience to his credit. Trained in the the world of marketing to create short run
commercials for broadcast and social media marketing, his experience has had him work on virtually every aspect of production from on set assistance, lighting design, sound
r e c o r d i n g , c a m e r a o p e r a t i o n, directing and finally post-production editing. As the co - founder of the newly developed “New Culture Art Co.” in partnership with Karla Huffman, Demetrius wrote and Directed the “Yogma” web series which was released in early 2018. He is an aesthetically-driven director who’s ambition is to create socially conscious and visually challenging narratives that stand the test of time and usher forth the evolution of the art of visual storytelling.