Once An Old Lady Sat On My Chest

Time :   13min 39sec

Director:  Candice Onyeama

Programme Day/Date : Saturday 15th December from 8.05pm

Language/ Subtitles:  English

Country : United Kingdom

Social Media : 

Twitter: @onceanoldlady_    Facebook: @OnceAnOldladySatOnMyChest

Synopsis : 

A young British Nigerian woman, Uju struggles to find a decent job. As her situation gets worse, she decides to take the drastic step of changing her ethnic name to an English one, hoping this will improve her chances. But on the night of her name change, she is haunted by a curious old woman who squats down heavily on her chest and whose presence forces her to question the significance of her name and her identity.

Candice is a British Nigerian Writer, filmmaker and producer whose debut short HUSH was the award winner for best short film at BUFF film festival and the winner of the best screenplay award at Reel Sisters. She was also nominated for a best producer award at the BAFTA qualifying Underwire festival. Her most recent film ONCE AN OLD LADY SAT ON MY CHEST was one of the winners of the Encounters Film Festival 'Widening the Lens' pitch in 2016 and was successfully crowdfunded.

Candice is also the founder of Genesis Child Films, a production company focused on stories by and about women from the African diaspora.