Oath Bound


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Time :   20min

Director:  Ola Laniyan

Programme Day/Date : Saturday 15th December from 6.45pm

Language/ Subtitles:  English

Country : United Kingdom

Social Media : 

Facebook: @Oathboundseries    Twitter: @laniyansink    W: theoathseries.com

Synopsis : 

Four years after being tricked, sold and mentally entrapped into the Nigerian sex slave industry, Nneka decides she has had enough. Today, she breaks the Oath with the African Gods.

Ola is an award winning writer with a passion for telling compelling stories. This was recognised at the London Independent Film Festival where her work 'UNSPOKEN' won best short film in 2013. Ola has been writing for over ten years and currently has four published titles. She has written for a wide audience, ranging from young children through to teenagers and adults.

She was previously the director of the Urbantopia Books - an award winning publishing house dedicated to publishing books written by Black and minority ethnics authors and is now the CEO of Laniyan's ink productions. Ola is determined to get more BAME faces on screen and more women in production.


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