No Shade

No Shade

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Time :   1hour 43min

Director:  Clare Anyiam-Osigwe

Programme Day/Date : Saturday 15th December From 3.50pm

Language/ Subtitles:  English

Country : United Kingdom

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Synopsis : 

Told through the prism of love, relationships, dating and marriage, No Shade provides a raw perspective on the issue of colourism and what happens when looking for love in the right place, goes wrong.

Award-winning Dermatologist Clare Anyiam-Osigwe, who was honoured by the Queen in 2017, is to pursue a new career in the movie business, cashing in on her 15 years in the skincare business to write, direct and co-star in "No Shade"- a romantic drama which tackles the issue of skin and colourism head-on. Anyiam-Osigwe, wife of film aficionado Emmanuel Anyiam-Osigwe (BUFF), is now trying her hand, literally, behind and in front of the camera with her debut feature which is to premiere at the British Urban Film Festival this summer.

"...Before I became a skin doctor, my first degree was acting and directing at Brunel University. I feel like I accomplished my mission in Dermatology and that now is a great time to return to my former passion. It is a seriously important time for female voices to be heard in the media. With the #MeToo, #TimesUp and the celebration of female independence through #Votes100, I am proud to join play my part and join female filmmakers..."