Memories Of Missionaries

Time :   55min 36sec

Director:  Delphine Wil

Programme Day/Date : Sunday 16th December from 7.20pm

Language/ Subtitles:  French/English

Country : Belgium/DRC

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Synopsis : 

In the last century, men of the Church went to the Congo to preach the Good Word. In Mémoire de Missionnaires, the last witnesses of that time recount their memories. They are marked forever by their experiences, by the contradictions and by the cultural shocks. Their memories often testify to a part of colonial history which is often commented upon and yet unrecognized. They give a lucid and critical look at the Christianization of Africa.

Born in Germany with a Belgian nationality and Congolese origin, Delphine is a young author whose trips have marked her professional career. She has got a degree in photography from the École de Photographie de la Ville de Bruxelles and a degree in journalism from the Université Libre de Bruxelles.
In 2011 as part of her Master Thesis, Delphine produces a report about press freedom in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. She begins her professional career as a radio reporter for the Radio Télévision Belge Francophone before turning towards audiovisual. She participates in a video workshop in Mons and then in Burkina Faso, where she works in collaboration with Manivelle Productions, an audiovisual production company, for which she produces a documentary about literacy among women in Burkina Faso.