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Time :   17min 26sec

Director:  Phyllis Grae Grande

Programme Day/Date : Sunday 16th December From 1.50pm

Language/ Subtitles:  Tagalog/English

Country : Philippines

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Facebook: @KundimanMovie

Synopsis : 

Two blind musicians strive to provide for themselves as they work as singers at public transit stations. However, the duo is forced to perform separately. Apart, they grow anxious for each other and realize that their partnership goes beyond musical, even with the absence of sight.

Phyllis Grande graduated with a degree in BA in Film and Audio-Visual Communication in the University of the Philippines - Diliman. She started her work in the film industry as a documentary editor but soon ventured in production design and production management. She has worked as a production manager for a number of independent and mainstream films, which includes award-winning films like Blue Bustamante, Kubot: The Aswang Chronicles II, Bukas na Lang Sapagkat Gabi Na, and People Power Bombshell: The Diary of Vietnam Rose, to name a few. She is now developing her second feature documentary.


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