I Woke Up This Morning Wanting To Kiss You


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Time :   2min

Director:  Laurelle Jones

Programme Day/Date : Saturday 15th December From 3.50pm

Language/ Subtitles:  English

Country : United Kingdom

Social Media : 

Instagram: @laurelle_jones    Instagram: @datactor    #iwokeupthismorning

Synopsis : 

This is a story of love & loss.

Graduating from St Mary’s University director Laurelle Jones studied abroad at DeSales University to help nurture her craft. Jones continued to pursue her passion for media and film and has quickly made her mark on the independent film circuit as a valued asset on set and resilient producer. Over the years Laurelle has become equipped with various production skills, including production budgets, film PR, production accounts and location scouting. Jones’ debut as a writer was back in 2013 with her short film ‘No.27’. She has since gone on to produce numerous projects including ‘Lia’ (2014); her debut in the role which won numerous awards and was screened in around 11 festivals globally. Lia reached the US TV scene on Aspire.tv. Jones was Production Manager on ‘Brixton Rock’ (2016) and ‘Alpha and Omega’ (In Post) and most recently produced ‘Cards On The Table’ (In Post) and last November was the Festival Coordinator for the first (and only) UK festival for UK black women and women of colour Women Of The Lens Film Digital Broadcast Festival.