The Revolution Of The Fairytale

Time :   49mins 37sec

Director:  Fiona Compton

Programme Day/Date : Sunday 16th December from 7.20pm

Language/ Subtitles:  English

Country : Saint Lucia

Social Media : 

W:    Facebook: @Fiona Compton – Photographer    Twitter: @Fiona758    Instagram: @Fiona758

Synopsis : 

(We're very pleased to be able to use images from The Recreation Of The Fairytale as part of Women Of The Lens promotional material)

The Recreation of the Fairytale is a creative Caribbean collective coming together to re write Fairy​tales from popular culture, incorporating unknown heroes from the Caribbean. Photographers, designers, videographers and writers all from the Caribbean have pulled together to remake:

Snow White (incorporating Vitiligo awareness, and speaking on the story of Gene Miles of Trinidad)
The Wizard of Oz (incorporating The heroes of the Haitian Revolution, incorporating Orisha elements )
Alice in Wonderland (the story of the black Caribs)
Ras-punzel - merging Caribbean folklore.

Introduction :
Everyday life shrinks into the mundane at every opportunity it finds. Repetitious tasks required for living can make us myopic and rob us of the insight into just how grand the human experience is on a greater scale. History is not exempt from this phenomenon, the sheer breath of the story often times begs us to homogenise it for more efficient telling. Of course there was a large and prolonged trade of enslaved Africans. Fullstop. Those people were dominated by Europe. Fullstop. Those people fought back, but it wasn’t enough. Fullstop. Those people failed to fight. Fullstop.

And on and on the story continues to shrink, until it literally becomes BLACK and WHITE.
This is why we tell stories. But even stories fall prey to the shrinking effect of time, the narratives are cut and curtailed to suit the powerful, the tales spread like viruses, seeming to give the host a beautiful anecdote or a properly recorded instance of history, when in fact we have been devastated by the influence of the stories shrunk beyond recognition.

This is why we re-tell stories.