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Time :   14min 39sec

Director:  Jemilah Findlay

Programme Day/Date : Sunday 16th December From 1.50pm

Language/ Subtitles:  English

Country : United Kingdom

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Facebook: @with.love.and.thanks.xx

Synopsis : 

Will 24/7 access to her old flame via Facebook set fire to Penny's paradise?

"...I wrote FACEBOOK ME ten years ago when I joined the site. The rush generated by the access it gave me to humanity blew me away. Contemplating the jeopardy of reconnecting with old friends who still pulsed in my heart was intoxicating. I was a married, fully-grown woman transfixed by the mesmerizing sparkle of potential I remember being gripped by as a teenager. The Directors I approached said: “You should direct it”. I was unsure how to begin, so the screenplay gathered dust for a decade. In 2017, Trix Worrell challenged me to go for it. Sensing my reservation, he gave me an added incentive: I could direct a documentary about his award-winning and historic origination: DESMOND'S if I delivered. Thanks to interning at TriBeCa Film Center NYC aged 19, DESMOND'S was my first TV job on my return to London, England. I have worked consistently as a Script Supervisor ever since (26 years now) on a vast array of TV shows. I fell in love with movies at an outdoor cinema by the beach in Southern Italy aged eight. I am so excited to be finally dipping my toes into the seductive waters of filmmaking..."