Time :   15min

Director:  Roman Manfredi

Programme Day/Date : Sunday 16th December From 4.55pm

Language/ Subtitles:  English

Country : United Kingdom

Social Media : 

W: romanmanfredi.com

Synopsis : 

An experimental documentary that centres the relationships of three Butch-Femme and Stud-Fem lesbian couples living in the UK. The viewer is invited to share an intimate portrayal that aims to capture the essence of the Butch-Femme and Stud-Fem dynamic through fragments of the couples' domestic environment. By slowing down the process of perception, moments within an everyday setting provide a backdrop to stories that aim to capture the essence of the Butch/Stud and Femme dynamic. The presence of the couples through their absence invites the viewer to engage with their own desire to see, and the anxiety of not seeing the couples, whilst highlighting conflicting issues regarding the invisibility of Butch/ Stud and Femme couples within the context of a broader society.