Time :   3min 52sec

Director:  Yeaeun Jang

Programme Day/Date : Saturday 15th December From 11am

Language/ Subtitles:  Czech, English

Country : Czech Republic

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Synopsis : 

Eternity: Things happening repeatedly in life;

1)Birth-A beginning of everything
2)Development-As roots grow, and humans grow from the mother nature
3)Violence-Domestic and worldwide. Brutality is repeatedly going in a human eternity
4)Power of Pyramid-Caste and Slavery in the past but it is somehow still left in life
5)Lightness and Heaviness-Yin and Yang / Plus and Minus
6)Imagination-Experience, knowledge, consciousness and unconsciousness, dreams..
7)Emotions-Happiness, anger, sadness, and depression

Yea-Eun Jang was born in Seoul, South Korea. She studied Animation at Hong-Ik University, also Illustration at Korean Illustration community(HILLS). She's currently doing a Master degree in Film and TV Graphics at Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, Czech republic. Her style of artworks is deeply influenced by Art Brut(outsider art), and Primitive/Aboriginal art. In terms of story, she tries to borrow a format of 'Poem' into her drawings so that images are often symbolised.