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Time :   5min 47s

Director:  Tosin Lepe

Programme Day/Date : Saturday 30th November 2019 from 3pm

Language/ Subtitles:  English

Country : United Kingdom

Social Media : 

Tosin Lepe:  Twitter:@tosinlepe    Instagram:@tosinlepe

Leol Films:  Twitter:@leolfilms    Instagram:@leolfilms    Facebook:@leolfilms

Synopsis : 

A white babysitter awaits the news of a job commission. Meanwhile, she is pestered by the young black girl in her care requesting help with her homework. In the process of helping her, the babysitter discovers the little black girls' bizarre understanding of race and how it differs to that of adults.

Director Tosin Lepe is a Brit School, NFTS BFI Film Academy Alumni, and BAFTA mentee currently studying at Raindance Film School. Having already produced five short films, her work has been screened at film festivals such as Portobello Film Festival, British Urban Film Festival, Barbican Chronic Youth Film Festival and Barnes Film Festival. Tosin has worked with award-winning production companies such as Brook Lapping, Sweetshop, Pretty Bird and Love Productions. She has also worked in association with Comic Relief and the BBC. Tosin is the founder and creative director of Leol Films, a production company that creates original thought-provoking stories. 'Dolly' short film is Tosin's directorial debut. “...The film addresses a child’s exploration and understanding of race and how theirs differs to that of adults. (it investigates) the innocence and inability to fully understand the complexity of race and the results it can lead to.” Says Tosin.