Diaries Of A Disempowered Girl Child

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Time :   17min 36sec

Director:  Vivian Lucus

Programme Day/Date : Sat 15 December 11:00 – 12:30

Language/ Subtitles:  English

Country : Zimbabwe

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Synopsis : 

Diaries of A Disempowered African Girl Child is docudrama compilation of untold stories coupled with joys, sorrows and challenges experienced by the Girl Child. The diaries are a dedication to others who are in the same predicament.

Vivian Lucus is a Zimbabwean indie filmmaker. Vivian’s work is always looking into women and the girl child’s wellbeing and social status within their community. Diaries Of A Disempowered Girl Child is her first short documentary film as a director/producer. Vivian has also worked as an assistant producer, location and props manager on a feature film titled Choice directed by Lawrence Mutasa – the film received an Award in Nigeria.