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Time :   17min 27sec

Director:  Tracy Kiryango

Programme Day/Date : Saturday 15th December From 3.50pm

Language/ Subtitles:  English

Country : United Kingdom

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W:    Facebook: @artstillexists

Synopsis : 

Racial tension amplified by the Brixton riots in 1981, has sparked a much-needed dialogue between this interracial couple. Lyle is trying his best to avoid any sensitive topics, fearful that his lack knowledge will ruin their relationship, while Kahlea is trying her hardest to deepen their bond by bridging the gap between their two cultures.

Tracy Kiryango was born and raised in an African household, in Gothenburg Sweden. She is a free spirit who has been exposed to a rich mix of cultures, but remains deeply rooted in her ‘pearl of Africa’ heritage. Her parents sent her to an international school in Surrey, England, which opened her eyes to the complexities of the human condition. Tracy’s passion for deciphering peoples motives, and encouraging vulnerability and openness led to her studying journalism at University in London.

"...Even though these characters are placed in the 80's their struggles bare a stark resemblance to our current political climate. The intent behind this story is to provoke awareness and understanding of individuals, and marginalised groups personal experiences, and how it differs to those with privilege. It explores how easy it is to fall in love with a person, but how systematic oppression and lack of knowledge can tear that loving foundation apart..."