The Girls Are Not Brides


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Time :   28mins 44sec

Director:  KM Taj-Biul Hasan

Programme Day/Date : Saturday 15th December from 19:45

Language/ Subtitles:  Bengali

Country : Bangladesh

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‘The Girls are not Brides’ is a documentary film on early child marriage. Child marriage is a strong social custom in Bangladesh and has the fourth highest rate of child marriage in the world. Due to cultural setting, girls are regarded here as an economic burden and are expected to marry very young. So, for millions of girls in Bangladesh, marriage comes so soon and the damage follows them throughout their lives. This film is not only focusing on the negative situation facing of girls; the main intention has been given on four different successes stories of some girls, those who have stood up against child marriage and ultimately succeeded and established themselves in the society . These heroic and victorious examples will encourage girls to decide their own destiny while showing their parents a way to be supportive of their decision rather than regarding them as an economic burden. Child marriage is just only a social obsession and nothing else moreover it is also a massive violating of child right. So this film can use globally to change peoples’ perception and create awareness.

Mr. KM Taj-Biul Hasan is the main director and Ms. Novera Hasan Nikkon & Ms. Shyfoon Naher are the co-directors respectively .

"...Child marriage is just only a social obsession and nothing else. Women have always remained the unsung heroes of the history. Their courage and achievements works as a constant force to prosper a nation. So, we believe there should be no gender discrimination in a Civilised World....TOGETHER WE CAN END THE CHILD MARRIAGE..."