BackBurner Dreams

Time :   39min 42sec

Director:  Brenda Hayes

Programme Day/Date : Sunday 16th December From 2pm

Language/ Subtitles:  English

Country : United States

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W:    Facebook: @backburnerdream

Synopsis : 

In 1951, Langston Hughes asked "What happens to a dream deferred?" BackBurner Dreams explores the deferred dreams of Stephanie, Melanee, and Carla. Three ordinary women, doing an extraordinary thing, following their dreams. I challenge three women of color, ranging in age from 30 - 50 to revisit and try to revive the dreams for their lives they put on hold to raise children, work, support the dreams of everyone else but themselves; they had nine months to try to bring their dreams to the fore. What possibilities lay in wait when we remember our dreams.

Back Burner Dreams is Brenda's first feature length film project. Host/producer of the radio series This Light:Sounds For Social Change since October 2010, and a monthly host of Sophie's Parlor on WPFW the local Pacifica radio station. Brenda is the proud mother of poet Taylor Johnson.

"...I want to continue to produce films and media that stir the heart, mind, and soul, that foment progressive social change and share stories and narratives of those whose voices are typically marginalised..."