Time :   11min 40s

Director:  Sewra G Kidane

Programme Day/Date : Friday 29th November 2019 from 7.00pm

Language/ Subtitles:  English

Country : USA

Social Media : 

Website: www.sewrakidane.com         Instagram: @SewraGee/@GeeSpotCine        Twitter: @SewraGee     Facebook: @SewraGee

Synopsis : 

"...When your Earth Plane feels a strong sense of pull, setting in motion an enigmatic chase thru a maze of dimensional time... leading you to an intended chance encounter with your Higher Self... witnessing her give birth to your Light Self...inducing the epiphany that both are alive and well inside of you at this moment in time, sparking your Earth Plane Self to orgasm into enlightenment...As Above ..."

Loosely based on the 2nd Law of the Universe; The Principle of Correspondence, “As Above” tells the story of The Earth Plane returning home from a late night out, to find herself intuitively drawn to a presence she can’t ignore. Alone, The Earth Plane follows her instincts through a twisty windy hallway looking to connect an alluring call to her. Tapping in, she finds herself face to face with her Higher Self where she witnesses the birth of her Light Self. Consumed with light while being transported thru higher dimensions of space and time... The Three Planes of Existence unite crescendoing The Earth Plane’s evening into a reflective revelation on the Universe’s dance floor! Ready to set the celluloid runway ablaze once again, Director/Editor Sewra G Kidane returns with her next fashion film following the success of “Proclamation Punctuation”; her 2017 award-winning homage fashion film to the exclamation point. Filmed on location in the Bronx with a 1970’s soundtrack and aesthetic, “As Above” stars leading ladies, Iman Artwell-Freeman Lyfe Silva and Nazlah Black as The Three Planes of Existence into an otherworldly discotheque soirée! Centerpiece starring fashions for the film feature an Anitra Michelle purple velvet crystal studded Divinity
Kimono and handmade Brass Headdress and Halo Rings designed by Lorraine West Jewelry, both created exclusively for “As Above”. Featured fashions also include vintage designs from 70’s designer Giorgio Sant’ Angelo, Lori Silverman Shoes with her signature Swarovski crystal encrusted soles and Balmain accessories.

Cinematographer Michael Cooke returns to lens with Ms. Kidane, along with other “Proclamation Punctuation” key players, including Wardrobe Stylist, Chandra Moore, Hair/Make-Up artist, Jey Belle and Sound Design by Cory Choy of Silver Sound in NYC. The funky electronic synthesized score for “As Above” was composed entirely by LA native and DJ, Alexia Riner.

Sewra G Kidane is a renowned Creative Commercial Film Editor, working with fashion and beauty brands such as Creme of Nature, Estée Lauder, Herring & Herring, and Ooshie. She has an innate ability with her editing style, elevating the quality of the footage, whether its high budget beauty rushes, gritty digital handheld material, or found media and transforming it from a raw concept into a stylized spot. A native New Yorker and a graduate of Emerson College,
Boston, Ms. Kidane is currently based in New York City. Along with cutting client work and directing fashion films, she also teaches “Fashion + Film” at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. Ms. Kidane is also the highly acclaimed Director and Editor of the award-winning fashion film, “Proclamation Punctuation”. The film has been featured in various national media outlets and has been named on Forbes’ list of “The 12 Best Fashion Films” along with winning several awards, including “Best Visual Moving Art”, “Best Short Film” and “Best Glam Fashion Film”. Noticing a lack of Black fashion, glamour, and beauty being shown and celebrated, particularly in the fashion film world, Ms. Kidane decided to create her own lane. Her vision combined with her meticulous artistry has allowed her to pave a new style of fashion films. Ms. Kidane is currently on festival tour with her strikingly dynamic fashion film As Above.