A Portrait Of Mr Pink

A Portrait Of Mr Pink/Artist, Kieran McIver

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Time :   15mins 13sec

Director:  Helena Appio

Programme Day/Date : Friday 8th June 2018, 6pm - 9pm

Language/ Subtitles:  English

Country : UK

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Helena Appio is an award-winning director with a successful career in television, including 18 years at the BBC where she was a Senior Executive Director and Commissioning Editor in BBC documentaries. Her extensive experience in television ranges from researching and programme making, directing and executive producing. Helena has also directed and produced programmes for ITV, The Arts Council, Channel 4, BBC1 and BBC including on Modern Times, 40 Minutes, Inside Story, Picture This and Children’s Hospital. Helena has also run her own production company and made films for C4 and The Arts Council. Helena is also a senior lecturer, trained teacher and professional trainer and has lectured at The National Film and Television School and The London Film School.

Cover image is by artist Kieran McIver.

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Seventy-three year old Mr. Pink was a retired refuse collector who came to Britain from Jamaica in the nineteen-fifties. He lived alone in an extraordinary Victorian mansion on Lewisham Way, southeast London, which he adorned with his own unique designs in a Southeast London suburb. Inside and out, the house is decorated with the intense colors of the Caribbean, combined with other influences such as stained-glass windows from churches and his colorful garden. Mr. Pink's self-expression includes recording his own music and songs, making spectacular hats of leaves and flowers, and a deep spirituality which he shares with you.
Sadly, Brenton Pink died 8th June 2017


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